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  • Trademarks

    A trademark is a distinctive sign of an enterprise to identify its goods or services so as to distinguis......

  • Registered Designs

    Design registration refers to a product shape, pattern design, configuration, attractiveness, which can distinguish ......

  • Patents

    A patent is an important form of intellectual property. It consists of a set of exclusive rights granted......


  • Copyrights

    The purposes of Copyright are to protect the results of creativity, helping the cre.....

  • Anti-Piracy

    HKIPX provide a systematic solutions for anti-counterfeiting (anti-piracy), combating infringement, in order to guard against all intellectual property infringement, such as copyright.....

  • Custom Recordal

    Customs protection of IPR, is the holder of the intellectual property rights such as trademarks, patents, copyrights, in accordance with the Ordinance, file a Customs recordal......


Advantages of overseas IP strategy layout of HKIPX

  The consultant team of HKIPX has more than ten years of experience in intellectual property registration services, and has handled registration applications in different countries with its considerate and reliable services.

  We have rich resources by establishing strategic cooperative relations with intellectual property experts in different regions of the world. In case of suspected infringement, we can timely give appropriate suggestions to intellectual property owners to protect their own rights.

  Compared with the high fees charged by law firms for intellectual property registration services, HKIPX, as a professional intellectual property registration agency, will only charge a reasonable fee.

  Intellectual property will enter a new field after the registration. Our customers can give priority to their registered patents, trademark rights, and copyright works on our exclusive trading platform, and realize intellectual property financing, franchise rights, license agreements, sales, etc.

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