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Patent Application

There are three kinds of patent applications in China, including (1) patents for invention; (2) patents for utility model, and (3) patents for design; there are two types of patents in the HKSAR, including (1) short-term patent and (2) standard patent. The duration of China Patents for invention is 20 years and for utility model is 10 years, counted from the application date in China. The maximum term of protection under short-term patents in Hong Kong is 8 years; and for standard patents is 20 years.

What is a Patent?

The patent gives legal protection for new technology or inventions created by the inventor. Any invention or utility model for which patent rights may be granted (1) must be practical applicability; (2) possess inventiveness; and (3) possess novelty.

Patent Valuation Essentials

There are many factors that constitute the value of the patented technology, so you may want to make a wide range of assessment and analysis. For example, evaluate the patent is valid, the number of other equivalent technology, product market share, etc. These factors are related to patent valuation and HKIPX valuation tools can help assess this valuation.

Rights of a Patent

A patent owner has legal right to prevent others from manufacturing, using, selling or importing his patented invention. The patent owner should print the patent number or patent application number issued by the Patent Authority on the products, packaging, advertisements and product catalogues.

Patent Grant

While patents for utility model in China would only undergo a preliminary examination (compliance with formal requirements), patents for invention are substantively examined. If the application passes the substantial examination, the patent application would be granted.

Reward for Crime Report

HKIPX will provide anti-counterfeiting, anti-piracy, andcombat infringement service solutions in systemic way. This will guard against all relevant intellectual property rights infringementsincludingcopyright infringement, patent or trademark infringement, passing off and misrepresentations, online copyright infringement, counterfeiting goods, etc.

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