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Trade mark Registration

Trademarks are important to a business and its image. To effectively avoid infringement of trademarks, the business should start registration immediately.

What is a Trade mark?

A trade mark is a distinctive sign of a business. It could be a brand, word, letter, number, design, sound, odor, symbols, color, packaging etc. or a combination of these elements. There are also non-conventional trademarks such as color marks, sound marks, three-dimensional marks and odor marks.

To Report an Anti-Piracy case

HKIPX provides anti-counterfeiting, anti-piracy, anti-infringement service solutions in a systemic way to guard against all relevant intellectual property rights infringements, including copyright infringement, patent or trademark infringement, misrepresentations, online copyright infringement, provision of counterfeiting goods and etc.

Trade mark Valuation Essentials

HKIPX approaches the trademark valuation according to certain standards and rules, whether applying income approach, market approach or HKIPX proprietary methods to assess the value of a trademark.

Between Trademark & Brand

"Brand" & "trade mark" are two different concepts.

“Brand” enables a business to determine their position, core values, attributes and image. "Trademark" is a distinctive sign, a badge of origin. A successful trademark design is the first step to create a brand strategy.

Trademark Protection Term

The trademark registration is usually valid for 10 year from the date of filing or registration. It may be renewed indefinitely. If you want to maintain the validity, you should apply for a renewal before the expiry of the registration.

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Trademark registration

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