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Executive Leadership Team

Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange (HKIPX) is made up of outstanding financial engineers and intellectual property professionals from financial centers around the globe: New York, Chicago, Hong Kong and so on. Together, they have decades of experience in intellectual property and financial industry. They are unlocking the last sizable global assets that are historically undervalued and neglected.

HKIPX Advisory Team

The Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange has invited leading figures in the field of global intellectual property as consultants. They will play the role of "think tanks" to provide professional guidance on the latest development trends of intellectual property at home and abroad, major intellectual property projects, and cutting-edge issues closely related to the development of the intellectual economy and society.

HKIPX Expert Team

HKIPX is pleased to invite the following international elites to provide expert advice and industry network resources for the company's long-term future. We will enrich our advisory team in due course.

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