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New Product Launch

  • New Product Launch

    Standardized IP Product is designed to meet the challenges of dividing intangible assets into standard and tradable units that demand large liquidity and investment of over USD $25 million. The cost of full ownership is so high that it will be difficult to transfer to just one or a few investors. It is then designed to reduce cost of the intellectual property users, and effectively turn intellectual property into productivity. It is also designed to attract public participation in this transformation and further benefit and promote innovation and invention. Therefore, the intangible assets are unitized, offered to a larger group of participants and to be traded on the Exchange Platform by operated by the Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange, Ltd.

    Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange is expected to launch four major Standardized IP Product in the third quarter of 2014, which include IM technology licensed products, a movie star brand licensed products, Qing Imperial Court Authorized Limited Edition of Tripitaka and securitized artworks.

  • Project Analysis

    Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange shall spend three to six months on the proposed projects on investigation, research, analysis and product design. HKIPX will focus on the product content, legal status, market trends and finance and strategy. Together with independent assessment report from the third party, HKIPX will come up with qualitative and quantitative analysis. On the qualitative and quantitative data, HKIPX shall proceed with the design of products, which is intended to reduce the cost for IP users while increasing the benefits of IP holders by increasing market share.

  • Project Prospectus

    Each project comes with a prospectus, which includes risk factors, offering process and plan, product distribution, market analysis, pricing methodology and valuation.

  • Project Marketing Plan

    A Project marketing plan is designed meet our key clients during our road shows.

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