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Brief History

Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange, Ltd. (“HKIPX”), headquartered in Hong Kong is a financial exchange focusing on intellectual property. Our mission is to provide efficient and effective instruments to smooth IP transfers, meet the transaction, price discovery, enforcement, monitoring and data distribution needs of IP holders and users, issuers, investors, traders, market makers, brokers, and other participants in the growing intellectual property marketplace. HKIPX facilitates monetization and commercialization of patents, trademarks, copyrights and other intellectual properties and related rights to provide asset managers with new investment and trading opportunities in IP assets and to provide corporations and owners of intellectual property with new risk management tools to manage their intellectual property portfolios.

HKIPX business model makes investment and risk management in IP-related assets possible and easy, and allows owners of IP assets to unlock additional value of such assets, and creates efficient IP transfer markets to improve price discovery for the assets. By enhancing transparency in the marketplace, implementing contract standardization, streamlining the trading process and providing participants with access to market data, HKIPX provides the community with a deeper understanding of the economics of intellectual property.

HKIPX at a Glance

Welcome to Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange, Ltd (HKIPX). HKIPX is a global leading marketplace to unlock the economics of intellectual property, designed to facilitate the trading and transaction of IP assets, reducing IP risks and motivating creation and innovation. HKIPX is a global leading operator of financial services to commercialize, monetize and securitize innovative technologies, industrial designs, trademarks and brands and copyrights.


Milestones and Events of HKIPX


     Promote the development of intellectual property innovation alliances

World Conference on Intellectual Property and Innovation


     Assist in the completion of the construction of Futian Intellectual Property Protection Center

Building an international intellectual property expert think tank and IP data information system


      Hold the first CIPO professional forum for chief operating officer of intellectual property in China and jointly build Shaanxi mixed all foreign fund companies.


  HKIPX and Zhengzhou SIAS University jointly established Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange College, which offers 4-year undergraduate education; HKIPX started strategic cooperation with China Technology Exchange and Guangzhou IP Exchange; Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange (Shenzhen), Ltd starting its operation in Shenzhen in January 2020; Launching 3G trading platform for Select IP Trading Products.


  HKIPX entered the Shenzhen and became one of the co-founders of the IP Alliance of the Greater Bay Area, and developed two innovative IP products: OTC Quote Board and Select IP Trading Board. HKIPX issued Hao Hejun standard IP rights product in December.


  Actively involved in the transfer of Silicon Valley AI medical distribution vehicle, X-ray machines, 3D images and new material projects to the Chinese market and assisted enterprises in industrial upgrading.


  HKIPX introduced immune-therapy project and AI wheelchair from Silicon Valley to the Chinese market. They become hot items of the capital and industry markets. HKIPX started exploring use case of blockchain technology in IP protection and trading with major blockchain investment institutions.


  HKIPX started developing its 2G online IP trading platform and exploring use case of traceability technology and encryption technology in IP protection, and trading with major blockchain investment institutions.


  HKIPX successfully issued standard copyright products for Tibetan Tripitaka, Abiola Akintola.


  Colin Wu, Chairman of HKIPX, was invited to Stanford University and tech companies in the Silicon Valley to explore opportunities of technology transfer and license. HKIPX globally issued OLED display screen patent pool securitization products.


  HKIPX issued its 1st standard trademark licensing product for the world-famous Kungfu movie star JC. HKIPX signed strategic cooperation agreement with HKIAC and IPTECHEX.


  HKIPX officially started its business at the Manulife Financial Center in Hong Kong on 1st February, and developed its online trading platform.


  HKIPX founder discussed with officials of the Hong Kong IP Department on setting up an IP exchange in HK.


  HKIPX founder received cross-Pacific phone interview from People’s Daily and exposed unit IP rights, he also participated in the launch of Shenzhen United Innovation Exchange.


  HKIPX founder was hired to be the advisor to Shenzhen Hi-Tech Exchange.


  HKIPX founder collaborated with Beijing Equity Exchange, preparing the launch of China Technology Exchange.


  HKIPX founder was involved with the launch of the 1st IP exchange in the world.

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