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IP Rating, an evaluation tool jointly developed by the Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange and the University of Chicago, aims to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of intellectual property products and innovative technology projects. As an authoritative evaluation tool, IP Rating provides a strategic framework for evaluating and managing projects. It conducts a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of intellectual property products from the five aspects of law, technology, market, finance, and strategy.


We will introduce the scientific, rigorous and internationally recognized intellectual property evaluation tool IP Rating to enterprises in the region. The evaluation system will be able to provide enterprises with patented technology strategies, directions and analysis for their innovation projects, so as to nip troubles in the bud and carry out in advance domestic and abroad intellectual property planning and distribution, intellectual property protection, etc.

Business Procedure of Asset Evaluation

HKIPX's asset evaluation service team has a wealth of practical experience. We provide enterprises with specific evaluation services in patents and technology licensing and transfer, trademark licensing, etc., as well as regular evaluation services including corporate property rights transfer, investment, mergers and acquisitions.

 (1) Preparation stage

Client fills in evaluation data sheets and asset evaluation declaration lists

Set up evaluation project

List out the required evaluation data and materials

Charge 50% of the evaluation fee

Evaluator enters the commissioned site

Accept evaluation commission

Sign the commission contract of asset evaluation

(2) Evaluation and estimation stage

Collect required data and information for evaluation (market research)

Determine evaluation method:

1. replacement cost method

2. current market price method

3. present earning value method

4. internal evaluation method

Verification of the asset inventories and provided materials

Site survey and implementation of necessary verification procedures

Replacement full price or present value

Determine the depreciation rate

Determine the evaluation value

(3) Reporting stage

Issue draft report of the asset evaluation

Exchange opinions with client

Issue a formal asset evaluation report

Charge 50% of the evaluation fee

Submit the asset evaluation report

  • IP Evaluation

    An accurate evaluation should be based on data collection and research on intellectual property assets. With the evaluation method of market and industry data analysis, produce a report that includes intellectual property-related data, company conditions and target business interests, company financial status and profitability, and contribution to the industry.

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  • Identity Verification

    Qualification certification is the Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange's assessment and verification of the comprehensive investment and projects releasing strengths of institutions or individuals that need to release financing projects.

  • Project Verification

    The project verification is an assessment by the Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange to ensure the authenticity of issued financing projects. All projects published on the financing platform of the Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange must pass corresponding project verification before they can be listed and traded.

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