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On the afternoon of September 25th, Huawei's autumn full scene new product launch event was held with great success. At the press conference, multiple new products were unveiled, and Huawei teamed up with Andy Lau to launch the high-end brand ULTIMATE DESIGN.

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New ultra high-end brand ULTIMATE DESIGN released

At the meeting, Yu Chengdong announced that Huawei has launched the new ultra high-end brand ULTIMATE DESIGN, the extraordinary master. He stated that after years of accumulation, Huawei has launched a comprehensive brand upgrade that combines ultimate aesthetics, craftsmanship, and innovation, from PORSCHE DESIGN to ULTIMATE DESIGN.

Andy Lau attended the press conference on-site and served as Huawei Mate60RS Extraordinary Master Brand Ambassador.

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The first gold smart watch is unveiled, supporting bidirectional Beidou satellite

Huawei's first intelligent gold watch, HUAWEI WATCH ULTIMATE DESIGN, was also unveiled at the press conference. This is Huawei's first high-end gold smart watch aimed at elites in various fields. This product is made of 18K gold material. In addition, the product also supports bidirectional Beidou satellite messaging and 100m deep diving technology.

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Huawei Smart Screen V5 Pro debuts as the first airproof touch TV

Huawei officially released the flagship giant screen new product of Huawei's smart screen V5 Pro at the full scene new product launch in the autumn. The new product is equipped with Huawei's Lingxi pointing remote control technology, becoming the world's first air touch TV product, achieving an experience of "playing TV like a mobile phone", and creating a new era of "giant screen phones" through cross era interaction.

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On the same day, Huawei also released new products such as the world's lightest, thinnest, and largest 13.2-inch tablet MatePad Pro, Huawei's flagship TWS headphone FreeBuds Pro 3, Huawei's smart glasses 2, and WatchGT4. It is reported that the FreeBuds Pro 3 flagship headphones are equipped with the world's first audio chip that supports Polar code technology - the Kirin A2. Huawei Smart Glasses 2 features trendy and stylish designs, fully upgraded smart features, and a smart assistant Xiaoyi that connects to the Huawei Pangu AI model.

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In addition, the latest trends in Huawei's intelligent vehicle selection business were also announced at the meeting. The first sedan, the Zhijie S7, is positioned as a high-energy, large-space smart coupe, equipped with the HarmonyOS 4 intelligent cockpit and Huawei advanced intelligent driving. It is expected that the Zhijie S7 will be officially released in November 2023.

Nearly trillion yuan of research and development investment in the past decade

Of course, behind these success lies Huawei's continuous investment in technology research and development over the years.

Looking forward to the future, Huawei continues to increase its research and development investment. In 2022, its research and development investment reached 161.5 billion RMB, accounting for 25.1% of the annual revenue. Over the past decade, Huawei has invested over 977.3 billion RMB in research and development expenses.

In terms of research and development, there is a provision in Huawei's Basic Law that insists on investing over 10% of sales revenue in research and development every year. However, in recent years, Huawei's research and development investment has far exceeded this requirement.

As a leading global communication technology company, Huawei has always attached great importance to innovation and intellectual property protection, ranking first in the number of patents applied in China for five consecutive years. In 2022, Huawei submitted 8440 patent applications, of which more than 90% were invention patents, involving multiple fields such as electronic communication, optical technology, switching routing, Hongmeng operating system, computing storage, photography, smart cars, etc.

In this era of technological progress and innovation, Huawei is undoubtedly a shining star. As a leading global provider of information and communication technology solutions, Huawei has achieved many breakthrough innovation achievements in recent years and continues to promote innovation in various fields.

Enterprise development cannot be separated from innovation, and each enterprise should attach importance to product and technological innovation. However, while innovating, do not forget to protect intellectual property rights.

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