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On September 14, the official micro blog of Kweichow Moutai announced that it would launch a joint brand of liqueur chocolate product with Dove on September 16.

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The news sparked a heated discussion among netizens: "You have to try a 53 degree heart rate." "I thought I could avoid coffee, but I didn't expect to avoid chocolate. It's really being manipulated." Another netizen shouted at a competitor of Defu Chocolate, "Defu: Fei, I've married into a wealthy family

Moutai Chocolate Pack of Two 35 yuan

It is understood that on the Maotai ice cream mini program, some stores can already see product information related to alcoholic beverages and chocolate. Among them, the classic cocktail chocolate gift box is priced at 35 yuan/box for 2 pieces, 99 yuan/box for 6 pieces, and 169 yuan/box for 12 pieces; The sugar reducing cocktail chocolate gift box is priced at 39 yuan/box for 2 pieces, 109 yuan/box for 6 pieces, and 179 yuan/box for 12 pieces.

From the perspective of the industry, both sides have their own plans for the commercial alliance between Defu and Maotai. For foreign brand Defu, it can rely on the popularity of Maotai IP in China to attract hot attention and further strengthen its local layout.

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Chinese food industry analyst Zhu Danpeng said that the beverage chocolate gift box co branded by Defu and Moutai should be considered as a holiday gift by mainstream consumers, while for relatively high-end consumers, the beverage chocolate co branded by Defu and Moutai may also be a daily consumer positioning.

Moutai begins to "cultivate" young consumer groups

In May 2022, Maotai launched its strategic matrix product with the label of "youthfulness" for the first time, Maotai Ice Cream, which became a "popular" product upon its debut. Until today, Maotai ice cream has been updated with 11 flavors and 3 product forms, gradually improving the strategic diversified ecology around the main line of the liquor industry.

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Many young people are still looking forward to the "new style" of Maotai and their "next bite of Maotai".

From Maotai ice cream to sauce flavored lattes, to today's liquor chocolate, from "this sip" to "this cup", and then to "this piece", Maotai is capturing the young consumer market at an unimaginable speed. Kweichow Moutai's younger pace can be said to be faster and faster.

A merchant once applied for a patent for Maotai chocolate

In November 2019, a food company in Shanghai applied for a patent for "a type of Maotai wine sandwich chocolate and its production method". In May of this year, the application was rejected and is currently in an invalid state. The abstract shows that the Maotai liquor sandwich chocolate contains milk chocolate, dark chocolate, cream, Maotai liquor, etc. The Maotai liquor sandwich chocolate made with this formula has the advantages of unique taste and high nutritional value.

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Possible intellectual property issues involved in joint naming

In fact, brand co branding may involve the licensing and use of various intellectual property rights, mainly including copyright and trademark rights.

Brand co branding may pose risks of trademark and copyright infringement. Generally speaking, due to the need to use the trademarks of brand partners on joint branded products, it is usually necessary to

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