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Huawei and Xiaomi are both leaders in the domestic communication industry, and both sides have made significant achievements in innovative research and development, as well as intellectual property protection!

Previously, Xiaomi applied to the China National Intellectual Property Administration for invalidation of Huawei's four patents. Now the case has come to an end.

According to the China National Intellectual Property Administration, the relevant case numbers are: 4W115656, 4W115657, 4W115658, 4W115659. On September 1, 2023, the China National Intellectual Property Administration announced to "maintain the validity of patent rights", and Xiaomi will still pay patent fees to Huawei in the future. But Xiaomi can file a lawsuit with the Beijing Intellectual Property Court within 3 months.

Xiaomi Initiates Patent Invalidation Declaration on Four Huawei Patents

The patent dispute between Xiaomi and Huawei has been ongoing for a long time.

On March 1st of this year, according to the "Announcement on the Acceptance of Administrative Judgments on Major Patent Infringement Disputes" published in the 02nd edition of China Intellectual Property Daily, Huawei has sued Xiaomi for four patent infringements.


On July 21st, the oral examination was conducted, and Xiaomi initiated an invalid request for the patent "ZL201810188201.7" titled "A Lock Screen Method and Mobile Terminal".

In addition to this patent, Xiaomi has also filed invalid applications for three other patents against Huawei:

Guo Zhi Bao Cai Zi [2023] No. 1: Patent number ZL201110269715.3, invention name "Method and device for sending control signaling";

Guo Zhi Bao Cai Zi [2023] No. 2: Patent No. ZL201010137731.2, Invention Name "Method, Base Station, and User Equipment for Feedback ACK/NACK Information during Carrier Aggregation";

Guo Zhi Bao Cai Zi [2023] No. 3: Patent number ZL201380073251.6, invention name "A method and terminal for obtaining panoramic images".

From the perspective of patent content, cases 1 and 2 involve 4G/LTE technology, which belongs to the standard essential patent SEP. The other two cases involve mobile phone photography and unlocking technology, which are non SEP patents.

Huawei has announced multiple patent licensing plans and rates, covering mobile phones, Wi Fi, IoT devices, etc

In July this year, Huawei launched a major move to further expand the scope of patent fees, expanding from mobile phones to fields such as smart homes and smart industries. It is reported that Huawei held the 2023 Innovation and Intellectual Property Forum in Shenzhen and announced its patent licensing rates for mobile phones, Wi Fi, and the Internet of Things at the event.


Huawei sets a license fee limit of $1.5 and $2.5 per 4G and 5G mobile phones, respectively, and a license fee of $0.5 per Wi Fi 6 consumer devices.

For devices centered around IoT technology, Huawei sets a license rate of 1% of the net selling price, with a maximum rate of no more than $0.75 per unit; For devices that enhance connectivity through the Internet of Things, the license fee is $0.3- $1 per device.

Huawei is one of the largest patent holding companies in the world. As of 2022, Huawei has over 12 subsidiaries worldwide

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