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The popular domestic drama "Wulin Waizhuan" has recently posted an article on its official Weibo account claiming that Zhejiang TV's "Our Inn" variety show is infringing. The long article lists the infringing content of "Our Inn".


Screenshot of the second episode of 'Our Inn'

Zhejiang TV accused of all-round infringement

On August 27th, the official WeChat account of Wulin Foreign Affairs stated that the Zhejiang TV variety show "Our Inn" was launched without any official authorization and used a large amount of copyright elements from "Wulin Foreign Affairs" for program adaptation, which is intentional or malicious infringement.


Source: Wulin External Transmission Official WeChat

The explanation shows that Beijing Alliance Film Investment Co., Ltd. is the producer and copyright owner of the "Wulin Waizhuan" series of works, and Beijing Bilin Nair Cultural Technology Co., Ltd. is the exclusive commercial agent of the "Wulin Waizhuan" series of works.

The explanation also states that "Our Inn" was a variety show broadcasted by Zhejiang TV on January 6, 2023. Two days before the program began airing, the copyright owner was contacted to obtain music authorization, but the copyright owner refused. "Zhejiang TV completely ignored our infringement warning email and insisted on launching this variety show

In fact, not only is "Our Inn" a program, but Zhejiang TV has already used the copyright elements of "Wu Lin Wai Zhuan" multiple times in variety shows such as "Aces vs. Aces" (Season 1, Issue 2, Season 4, Issue 6) and "Youth Journey" (Season 3, Issue 8) for adaptations. These adaptations have not been authorized or licensed by the drama company, and Zhejiang TV's infringement behavior this time is a typical repeated infringement.

Quietly offline for the second episode of the program

As is well known, Zhejiang TV's flagship program "Good Voice" has recently caused public controversy, and the official has finally announced the news of its suspension, stating that the program is under investigation. But netizens are not satisfied with this and demand that Zhejiang TV permanently suspend the program.


Unexpectedly, a wave has not subsided and another wave has arisen. The drama company of "Wulin Waizhuan" has exposed the infringement of Zhejiang TV, which also involves multiple well-known programs under its umbrella, causing netizens to exclaim surprise and say, "How many surprises are there that the public doesn't know


Although there was no official response, some netizens found that on a certain platform, the program team had quietly offline the second episode, and after the first episode, it was the third episode.


What are the acts of infringement of film and television works

1. Copying, distributing, performing, screening, broadcasting, compiling, or disseminating their works to the public through information networks without the permission of the copyright owner;

2. Publishing books that others enjoy exclusive publishing rights;

3. Without the permission of the performer, copying or distributing audio and video recordings of their performance, or disseminating their performance to the public through information networks;

4. Reproduction, distribution, or dissemination of audio and video recordings to the public through information networks without the permission of the producer;

5. Broadcasting or reproducing radio or television without permission;

6. Intentionally avoiding or damaging the technical measures taken by the rights holder to protect the copyright or copyright-related rights of their works, audio and video recordings, etc. without the permission of the copyright owner or copyright-related rights holders, except as otherwise provided by laws and administrative regulations;

7. Intentionally deleting or altering electronic information related to rights management of works, audio and video recordings, etc. without the permission of the copyright owner or rights holders related to the copyright, except as otherwise provided by laws and administrative regulations.

What channels are available to protect the rights of film and television works when they are infringed upon?

What to do if the copyright of film and television works is infringed

1. Both parties shall mediate on their own. If the copyright of a film or television drama is infringed, the infringed party can mediate on their own and demand that the other party stop the infringing act and compensate for the losses; If the reputation of the infringed party is damaged, the infringer may also be required to restore their reputation through various legal means.

2. Go to court to file a lawsuit. If the infringer is unwilling to mediate, or if the mediation is unsuccessful, the infringee may file a lawsuit in court. However, it should be noted that the statute of limitations for infringement of copyright is three years, calculated from the date on which the copyright owner became aware or should have become aware of the infringement.

Respecting copyright is a respect for the efforts of creators in various aspects behind every high-quality film and television content, and is also one of the primary conditions for maintaining the healthy operation of the entire industry. When using a film and television work that others have copyright, do not forget to obtain the copyright of the film and television work first!

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