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Riding a giant crane with Gao Shi, Du Fu, Cen Fuzi, and Dan Qiusheng, the animated film "Three Thousand Miles in Chang'an", which is currently being released, resonates with the audience with the poetic sentiment of Chinese cultural genes.


As of 23:00 on August 16th, the box office of the film had reached 1.733 billion yuan, becoming the top grossing animated film in mainland China in 2023, ranking second in the box office of animated films in Chinese film history, after "Nezha's Demon Child Comes to Earth" (5.035 billion yuan). Now, this movie is embroiled in a copyright infringement dispute.

Apologies for unauthorized use of personal materials in the movie "Chang'an 30000 Miles"

On the evening of August 16th, the official Weibo account of the movie "Three Thousand Miles in Chang'an" issued an apology statement regarding the copyright issue of the materials in the art setting, and related topics topped the Weibo hot search.

微信图片_20230825181828_1.pngThe statement states that, as reminded by netizens, @ EXCA has been used without authorization in the art settings of the movie "Three Thousand Miles in Chang'an"_ Bao Xiaowang's personal work "Ji Le Tian", which does not start classes, has been verified to have been used without authorization from its original designer.

After this behavior was pointed out by the original designer, the official Weibo account of the film Chang'an Sanwanli quickly issued an apology statement, acknowledging its unauthorized use of the material and expressing its sincerest apologies to the original designer.


Response from the material author: Consensus has been reached

That night, the material author responded that they had reached a consensus with Chasing Studio, and this matter officially came to an end.


Regarding this matter, some netizens believe that film producers should respect the spirit of originality and cannot ignore copyright issues at any time.

Some netizens also expressed that as long as the problem can be properly solved and a sincere apology is made to the original creator, it can still win public understanding.

Infringement incidents are common in the film and television industry, how can we avoid copyright disputes

In recent years, there have been frequent controversies in the film and television industry. The voices of infringement, plagiarism, similarity, and borrowing have been accompanied by the popularity of various works, sparking a wave of public opinion. How can we avoid copyright disputes?

The producer should try their best to obtain the copyright of the script and original work. If they cannot obtain full copyright, they should also obtain the copyright and other rights of all adapted works such as movies, TV dramas, variety shows, online dramas, games, anime, derivatives, etc. except for this project. This is conducive to preventing the popularity of film and television works, and when developing other forms of projects, they are subject to the copyright owner of the script or original novel.

During the filming process of film and television works, try to avoid using others' intellectual property works. If necessary, formal channels should be used to obtain copyright authorization or purchase authorization.

Respecting originality and protecting copyright can promote the healthy development of the film industry.

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