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It is reported that Huawei will hold a new product conference at 19:00 on the evening of November 2 to bring you a new vertical folding product, which will be named after Huawei Pocket S.
This machine is the second ring product that adopts the vertical folding scheme after Huawei P50 Pocket. According to the official warm-up video, each letter of "POCKET" has different colors, and it is expected that there will be six color combinations: black, blue, pink, white, green and yellow.
微信图片_20221030175156.jpgCombination of science and technology and aesthetics
Huawei's new machine advantages announced on November 2
There are two different kinds of news about the processor of Huawei's new phone. One is that the new phone may be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G processor, which only supports 4G networks as the phones currently sold by Huawei. However, just because the processor is a Snapdragon 778G, the battery life may be better than the P50 Pocket of Snapdragon 888.
Second, there may be a new version of Snapdragon 8+. Although it is only 4G, its performance will be better than P50 Pocket.
In addition, it is reported that Huawei may also launch a new smart watch, Watch GT Cyber, at this new product launch conference. There is no information about other possible new products, which need to be further disclosed later. If mysterious elements are mixed in, it will show more expectation.
It is known that Huawei's new flagship folding product, Pocket S, has become a benchmark for "small folding" with its compact and delicate design, unique material technology and very complete interactive experience.
In the Kick Off video released on the official microblog of Huawei terminal, the official announced the folding screen mobile phone, suggesting the upgrade and change of the new product.
It is easy to see that Huawei Pocket S has a richer color scheme, which means that it will be a new folding screen series for young users. In addition, from the product name of Huawei Pocket S, we can see that it has separated from the "P50" series, which means that it may become a new product category and have a new market positioning.
Partners familiar with Huawei P50 Pocket will know that this mobile phone has introduced a water drop hinge design, which makes the product tight and seamless when closed, and flat and seamless when unfolded. It is expected that Huawei Pocket S will use a more reliable and lightweight hinge design to further improve its overall thickness and weight, so as to build a more perfect folding experience.
微信图片_20221030175210.jpgNot only is the reliability extremely strong, but Huawei Pocket S is also very promising in terms of internal and external screen interaction. Because Huawei's P50 Pocket has introduced a round outer screen to bring a new interactive experience between the inner and outer screens, such as viewing notifications, music, weather and other information on the outer screen. If the user needs further processing, the inner screen of the phone will automatically jump to the notification interface after turning it over, without further click operation, which also provides more convenient operation for the public.
Huawei has been innovating all the time. According to the internal and external interaction degree of Huawei P50 Pocket, Huawei Pocket S may have a more high-tech interaction mode.
Of course, Huawei Pocket S, which supports HarmonyOS 3.0, will certainly have a richer interactive experience on the internal and external screens. For example, the smart scanning function is further upgraded, so that the scanning results can be displayed directly on the outer screen on the basis of the code scanning can be completed by tapping the back cover. Users do not need to search or flip, so that they can experience more efficiently and elegantly. From the new model, we can know Huawei's steady improvement in technology.
微信图片_20221030175214.jpgFrom the information related to Huawei's new product warm-up, it can be seen that Huawei Pocket S is indeed very good. Presumably, there will be many partners waiting for its arrival, and they expect Huawei Pocket S to be officially released on November 2, when all the advantages of this mobile phone will be revealed.
The R&D investment will reach 142.7 billion yuan in 2021
More than 200000 patent applications in the world
Is Huawei the first one to think of domestic black technology?
When it comes to Huawei's history of development, it must be a history of struggle full of thorns and tears.
In 1987, Ren Zhengfei, the founder and president of Huawei, and five partners jointly contributed 50000 yuan to establish Huawei.
At first, Huawei was the sales agent of a Hong Kong company that produced PBXs. No one expected that such a company would, more than 30 years later, not only rely on its own ability and technology to produce one of the world's top chips, Kirin series chips, but also become the first private technology enterprise in China's history to enter the world's top 100 for three consecutive years in the process of nationwide crackdowns, sanctions and sales bans.
Earlier, Huawei Mate 30, relying on its interactive black technology, has become a powerful competitor that shares the high-end mobile phone market equally with Apple's mobile phones.
It is reported that Huawei's R&D investment in 2021 will reach 142.7 billion yuan, a new height of R&D investment. Data shows that Huawei has invested 22.4% of its annual revenue in R&D.
微信图片_20221030175218.jpgBy 2022, the cumulative number of patent applications in the world will exceed 200000, and PCT will exceed 60000 that year. In addition to the number of patents, Huawei's patent value has been widely recognized.
In the past five years, Huawei has obtained the 4G/5G patent license for more than 2 billion smartphones. However, it is more eye-catching in the automotive field. According to Huawei's official disclosure, about 8 million smart cars that have obtained the 4G/5G patent license from Huawei are delivered to consumers every year.
微信图片_20221030175221.jpgSince 2015, Huawei has regularly held the "Top Ten Inventions" selection activity every year. By the middle of 2022, Huawei will have completed four evaluations, and the evaluation will be held every two years in the future.
The purpose of the selection activity is to continuously develop product series with potential for the future and create new products. Huawei will transform itself into an invention or patented technology with important commercial characteristics and great commercial value for the company and the industry.
Huawei has broken the convention of awarding the "Top Ten Inventions" award to 11 inventions.
微信图片_20221030175224.jpgThis reward mechanism "based on the voting results, there are two inventions with parallel votes. All the inventors and excellent R&D personnel who have reached the final are not left behind.".
The 11 award-winning inventions are: new additive neural network, multi-objective game algorithm, digital intelligent optical distribution network, full precision floating point computing, head up display system, deterministic IP, kite scheme, BladeAAU and Massive MIMO scheme, 5G Single Air, dual active network attached storage, LinkTurbo and Hyperhold, all of which have refreshed a new chapter in the field of science and technology!
It is believed that in the future, Huawei will bring us more surprises and let the world see more black technologies made in China.

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