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Shenzhen happy colorful cattle culture Co., Ltd. has reached a service agreement with Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange, and colorful cattle will be listed on Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange.


Mr. Huang Huanqiu, the person in charge of colorful cattle, together with the company's senior management, visited the Shenzhen Office of Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange on December 24 and had a discussion with Wu Gaolin, chairman of the board of directors. The two sides had a detailed exchange on the basic situation, development planning and strategy, listing and other matters of colorful cattle.


At the symposium, the two sides held a signing ceremony, which will be an important milestone in the development of colorful cattle.


Mr. Huang Huanqiu said, "seize the opportunity, make practical development, rely on the resource advantages of Hong Kong Intellectual Property Exchange, innovate and develop the company's cultural and art works and brand licensing, actively lead the prosperity of the cultural industry, and promote colorful cattle art to the global market."


With the slogan of the development of cultural and creative industries becoming louder and louder, art investment or authorization, trading and trading has become a new trend. At the same time, copyright holders' awareness of copyright protection and prevention has also been significantly enhanced. Here, I hope colorful cattle will take advantage of this signing as an opportunity to give full play to its greater market value and help cultural development and innovation.

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